Motorola to launch 2 Android handsets at CES, says some dude


I usually avoid posting rumors started by analysts, because it seems like most have the batting average of a dizzy, blindfolded toddler. Alas, with CES just days away, everything worth writing about is being kept under tight lock and key; at this point, any big leaks would be like somebody ruining a surprise party by shouting “THERE’S A SURPRISE PARTY IN THERE” as the special guest walks up the driveway.

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry,who at least has some sort of history with Motorola predictions, has a few guesses as to what Motorola will be announcing next week.

Chowdhry claims that Moto will be launching two Android-powered handsets at CES: one for AT&T, and one for Verizon. The AT&T kit will have a physical keyboard, OLED screen, and might be running stock Android rather than the Moto BLUR UI, while the Verizon piece would lack the physical keyboard — or, at least, so says Chowdhry.