Interactive Trip Sharing Service EveryTrail Locates $1 Million In Funding

Palo Alto, CA-based GlobalMotion Media has raised $1 million in Series A financing from the Band of Angels and a group of domestic and international private investors. The young company is probably best known for operating EveryTrail, a GPS travel community and interactive trip sharing service.

The startup is today also announcing the release of its latest iPhone application, EveryTrail 3 (iTunes link), which allows users to easily record and share their hiking, driving, skiing, motorcycling, running, skateboarding or other trips.

EveryTrail enables people to keep track of their trips, by uploading GPS files or geo-tracking their trails, and allows to them to accompany those with stories and geo-tagged photos. The web service is quite feature rich already, but it’s the mobile apps that make EveryTrail unique and very fun to use.

Available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile, the apps allow people to geo-tag their trails and the pictures they take along the way instantly and automatically. The new iPhone app that’s being announced today makes the process super easy: all you need to do is let the device determine your location and hit the ‘start’ button. The app will follow your path, and every photo you upload along the trail will automatically be geo-tagged and uploaded.

That way, the EveryTrail community you see what you’ve been up to. You can also share your trips with others on Twitter and/or Facebook, with just one click. So far, over 200,000 trips have been shared by EveryTrail users (217,588 worldwide to be exact, according to the website at the time of this writing).

Don’t have a GPS-enabled device or a file that you can upload? Heck, you can even draw your trips if you’re passionate enough.

Here’s a demo of how the new iPhone app works: