Wi-Fi and OLED touchscreen-equipped Samsung CL80 P&S leaks out before CES

samsungcl80-leaklg1It looks like Samsung has at least two CES-bound cameras. We already saw product shots of the NX-10 and now here’s pics of the pocketable CL80. Depending on its MSRP it might be a hot cam, too.

It seems nearly everything has leaked out about the CL80. We know it comes packing Wi-Fi, which can be used to upload pics to Flickr, Facebook, Photobox and Picasa directly, and the entire backside is a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen. A 14MP sensor is behind a 7x wide angle zoom lens and of course it can shoot 720p video.

Now all we need is to see some sample pics and shots of the touchscreen interface to pass judgement. But so far, so good. Only one week and a couple of days until CES, anyway.

[DPReview forums via electronista]