VeVite Taps Into Twitter For Event Invitations

There are a plethora of online invitation sites that let invitees and event organize utilize both Facebook and Twitter to publicize events to their social graphs. Cocodot, Pingg and others will pull in Tweets about an event by hashtag and also allow invitees to Tweet about the party from its platform. VeVite has a different twist on social event invitations by providing a deeper integration with Twitter.

Invites are sent via Direct Message, with a link back to the event on VeVite to RSVP. Once you login via your Twitter credentials, you can RSVP, and your comments on the page are automatically shared on Twitter as well. A host can only invite 250 people every 24 hours because of a Twitter DM restriction. But if the event is “open” then anyone can RSVP without getting a DM.

VeVite’s UI is pretty barebones and doesn’t offer any bells and whistles with its service that might make it more appealing. The startup’s founder Sam Bensalem says that the VeVite plans to add Facebook and Gmail integration in the coming weeks. VeVite will also include payments integration, so host can charge for events similar to Eventbrite. But Bensalem says that the platform will be catered more towards casual meetups and events. Competitors include TwtVite and TwitMesh.