More video of the xpPhone released

Screen shot 2009-12-28 at [ December 28 ] 11.44.26 AM

After the xpPhone was announced back in May, word of its development went surprisingly quiet – enough so, in fact, that I’d been convinced the project had gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever.

With this recent media dump, however, the xpPhone is looking more real than ever. ITG released a handful of prototype images just weeks ago, and followed it up shortly thereafter with a video of the Windows XP-powered handset booting up. This latest video goes on to show a bit of what the phone can actually do — that is, make phone calls in Windows XP.

With that, there’s not much doubt left in our mind on whether or not this thing will make it to the shelves; whether or not anyone will actually buy it, however, is still up for debate.