Buzzd Brings Its Social City Guide To Android

We’ve written about the social city and nightlife mobile app, buzzd, which pulls its data from Twitter and other buzzd users, for a bigger picture of the places that are hot in a given location. The mobile app, which has been available for iPhone and BlackBerry users, is launching an Android app as well as rolling out new versions of its existing smartphone apps.

The buzzd network compiles information from its base of over a half-million users, Twitter, and other real-time sources to provide users with activity updates for almost half a million venues across the United States and Canada. You download the app and it will bring up a list of venues close to you that are currently popular based on people talking about them on Twitter and Buzzd. Using Twitter’s new Geolocation API, the app can even pull the exact locations of your friends on Twitter.

The app’s “buzzdmeter” gives you a real-time measure of activity at popular bars, restaurants and nightclubs in your city, users can see the places with the most real-time activity (the buzz) in their city, neighborhood, and even activity within walking distance or the block they’re standing on. If you click on a place, you can learn more details about it, including how far away it is, its phone number, and a description of it. You can also see “buzzes” about it, meaning the things people are saying about a place on Twitter and in the buzzd community. And you can “Buzz It,” meaning you can tell the community you are at a place and give a short description of what it is or why it’s good. And you can send that info to Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to buzzd Android, the startup has launched new versions of its iPhone, Blackberry, mobile and PC web versions, which now integrate both Facebook and Twitter, which allows you to send your updates to both social networks at once. You can also now rate venues with a thumbs up or down. Currently the app covers over a half a million venues in thirty cities.

Buzzd originally launched an app on the BlackBerry as one of the original BlackBerry Partners Fund recipients. As the service steadily expands, it continues to add compelling feature such as Facebook integration and in-depth location information. Of course, as a social network, the app will face competition from other apps like Loopt, Foursquare and others.