Blippy Already Showing Off $1 Million Worth Of Your Credit Card Purchases (More Invites)

Screen shot 2009-12-23 at 10.52.31 AMYesterday, Blippy opened its doors beyond a private group of users it had been testing with. Their invites went quickly (we have more below), and despite the obviously controversial idea of opening your credit card purchasing data to your social graph, a lot of users jumped in and started sharing data. So many, in fact, that Blippy is already tracking well over $1 million in sales, we’re told.

Obviously, that’s a big difference from Blippy actually making $1 million, but eventually, that’s the idea. Still, the fact that users are willing to show off about 25,000 different purchases on the service shows that not everyone is so opposed to the idea.

We are blown away! Yesterday was the first day that we invited people — who we didn’t personally know — into the site. We never imagined that we would hit $1 million in purchases in the first few months, much less the first day,” co-founder Philip Kaplan tells us.

He also tells us that the average purchase price being shared on the site is just over $46, but this figure is dropping as more purchases are being shared.

The invites Blippy gave us yesterday were gone within 20 minutes, so the company has given us 100 more. Simply use the code 1MILLION at signup.

[photo: flickr/moacirpdsp]