"Zero Gravity" shelf cushions your turntable with magnetic forces

It’s not really an unprecedented product — magnetic levitation works for high-speed trains and other future toys, so why not your audio gear? Personally I might be a little nervous that the whole thing would just slide off at some point if the fields weren’t aligned right, but they’ve probably addressed that.

It’s really not a bad idea at all. What better way to prevent footsteps and other vibrations from messing with your vinyl? My turntable skips when I walk into the room all the time. Would I spend $500 to have it suspended in the air by magnets? No. But then, I bought my speakers for $5 at a garage sale and the amp crackles like a brush fire. Skipping is the least of my worries.

In conclusion, I have this to say: magnets are awesome, and as long as they’re guaranteed not to mess with the audio components or catapult them off if there’s a sudden shift in charge, then I fully support using this thing.

[via OhGizmo]