Yahoo's New Recruitment Effort: Google Ads On Ex-Employee Name Queries

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When Delicious founder Joshua Schachter left Yahoo in June of last year, he probably thought he was done with the place. Apparently, he’s not.

As he noticed today, Yahoo is apparently buying ad space from Schachter’s current employer, Google, to promote its own jobs when you do a search for “Joshua Schacter.” As he puts it in the tweet, “yahoo’s running recruiting ads against my name. classy.”

And he’s apparently not the only one. Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP who left Yahoo last month, noticed the same thing. Classy indeed, Yahoo.

Or maybe Yahoo is just trying to woo these guys (who clearly do regular vanity searches like the rest of us) back, just like they did with Daniel Raffel earlier this year. Regardless, Yahoo might also consider placing some ads there to beef up its latest business plan: A cycling team.

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