Insane video of Nokia N900 unboxing, requires you to hack into it

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We break out normal coverage today to bring you a highly unusual video of the unboxing of a new Nokia N900. The handset comes in what is called a “hack box” which is a shiny black cube. The only way to open it is to hack your way via a mini USB port attached to a computer which brings up an interface, as gadget blog TracyAndMatt found out. The video shows them entering an unlock command, which pops open the lid in a cloud of smoke. Inside is the normal mobile phone gear, but also mysterious a small plastic fox… Check this out:

Thanks to @richardmoross for the tip.

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  • Martin

    Great approach and video :)

    Check also this e72 unboxing, which went… to an unexpected direction :)

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  • Benjie Gillam

    You may be interested in my “Tale of the Indestructible Box” also: No video though, I’m afraid!

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  • wulfcry

    Great video cant wait to see the performance off meamo. The mobile market been very competitive thanks to Iphone, Android and the likes. Nokia needs more then a gimmick to add something to the next level.

  • markzenegar

    The Nokia N900, which we used for a week, runs on Maemo 5, a lightweight version of Debian, one of the major Linux distributions that Nokia chose to Android. An ambitious strategy, even foolhardy for a Nokia is increasingly isolated on the front of the smartphone. But moreover, it was dealing with a telephone, an Internet Tablet or a Pocket PC? The manufacturer of mobile computer speaks and highlights the “extreme speed and unparalleled performance” of its mobile. The camera will be available in early December in The Phone House stores, for about 650 euros, excluding subscription promotion.

    For more detail you can move at :

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  • Mitchell-112

    The fox isnt mysterious at all. Its refering to mozilla firefox

  • Mustafataj11

    lol either god doesn’t exist or is a complete moronic jerk! (that’s where I sit right now

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