Open Your Credit Card Data To All! We Have Blippy Invites.

Screen shot 2009-12-21 at 9.30.54 PMA couple weeks ago, when we wrote about Blippy, the new startup that allows you to share your credit card purchases online, it caused quite a bit of controversy. That was expected. Sometimes good ideas do. Sometimes bad ideas do. So which one is Blippy? Well, why don’t find out for yourself?

The company has given us 250 invites to give away to TechCrunch readers. Even if you hate the idea, you should sign up to “if nothing else, reserve your favorite username now, before it’s taken,” co-founder Philip Kaplan says in a message to you, the readers. He also notes that you can easily choose just to share certain things, like your Zappos purchases, for example. That’s exactly what Michael is doing. Or you might want to only share your Amazon purchases. That’s exactly what Sarah is doing. Me? I’m sharing pretty much everything. Because I have nothing to hide. At least not on this credit card.

So, if you want to sign up, simply use the code: techcrunch2010 on the signup page, and that should get you access.

[photo: flickr/the consumerist]