Google's 2009 Holiday Gift To Ad Partners: $20 Million To Charity

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Each year, Google sends out gifts to its users of its AdSense and AdWords products. Typically, these gifts are only given to the “high-rollers” on each in early December. But this year, these gifts were nowhere to be found, and it appears that today has revealed the reason. It looks like Google has sent out a message to all AdSense and AdWords partners letting them know that they’ve decided to do “something a little different this year.” Clicking on the link in the email takes you to a page letting you know that Google is giving $20 million to a group of charity as its holiday gift to everyone this year.

Specifically, the website reads, “This gift is for someone very special: Everyone. Because charities are experiencing their toughest year in decades, we have committed $20 million to helping those who help us all. Our gift to you is a gift to them. Happy Holidays.” It then goes on to list the 25 charities that Google has chosen as “intended recipients.” These include: Boys and Girls Clubs, Feeding America, Smile Train, HEAL Africa, Loud Against Nazis, Reporters Without Borders, and many others.

It’s not entirely clear if this gift will fully replace the Google swag that they have sent out the past several years, and everyone quickly posts to the Internet. Last year, Google sent out some, but it mostly cancelled the gifts due to the bad economic climate. This year, it looks like they’ve taken a higher road. Google also had a holiday to all its users this year: Free WiFi in airports and some airplanes around the country.

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