Swoon: Flocking.me Allows You To Search Just Your Friend's Tweets

Screen shot 2009-12-21 at 12.20.53 PMTwitter Search is great — except when 99.9% of the results are from people you could care less about. While Twitter has been working on relevancy, one easy fix that should have been in place a while ago is just a way to search the tweets of the people you follow. Before FriendFeed more or less died post-Facebook sale, it offered such a feature with its search. Now a new service, Flocking.me, brings the same thing to Twitter.

Flocking.me works exactly as you’d expect. Once you authenticate yourself via OAuth, you’re taken to your customized Flocking.me screen where the tweets of the people you follow are displayed. Front and center is a big search box where you can search and yes, it will return results of just the people you follow. Better still, you can change the view of the results from straight stream, to stacks of tweets to fit more on the screen. And you can even turn on a map view to see where those tweets originated from. You can also filter search further using your Twitter Lists.

Another thing that Flocking.me offers is a Trending Topics list restricted to just your friends. So rather than having “#musicmonday” or “itslove” nonsense popular Trending Topics, I get things like “@erickschonfeld” (since a bunch of the people I follow responded to something Erick tweeted). Like Twitter itself, Flocking.me also lets you know when new tweets are available to see. And it pulls in your Twitter design and avatar so it will feel like home.

I know other services in the past have offered this, but Flocking.me keeps it very simple, while giving you some powerful options. I’ll use it.

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