Seedcamp releases dates for 2010

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Seedcamp, the pan-European early stage startup programme that tours Europe to find companies for a week-long annual seed-funding event, has given TechCrunch Europe exclusive access to its dates for 2010.

The original plan to hold a Seedcamp Week every year in London for a 3 year run, investing in a total of 15 companies in that period, has now changed. The emphasis is now on a regular touring programme of ‘mini-seedcamps’, a move pioneered this year with seven events in Tel Aviv, Paris, Warsaw, London, Helsinborg, Ljubljana and Berlin. It’s going for creating mini-ecosystems in each city of entrepreneurs, investors, products, marketing and technology advisors, academia and corporates.

So in 2010 there will be 8 Mini Seedcamps (Spain is the new addition) and majoring on the Balkans and Eastern Europe which has produced previous Seedcamp finalists like Erply, Codility, Zemanta, Ubervu and Brainient.

These dates will be:

Zagreb – 11th February
Prague – 2nd March
Barcelona – 23rd March
Paris – 15th April
Tel Aviv – 6th May
Copenhagen – 27th May
Berlin – 16th June
London – 20th July

Seedcamp will shortly release more detail on how local teams apply [Update: see here], but the key thing to know is that each Mini Seedcamp is open to anyone – so anyone can catch an cheap flight to the location and apply. Last year saw a Romanian team in Paris, an Israeli team in Sweden, for instance.

Leading teams from each Mini Seedcamp in 2010 go into a final selection process in July of up to 40 teams for investment. Sometimes Seedcamp invests directly after a Mini Seedcamp. Winning teams get an intensive three month support program.

There are of course other startups programmes though so far none have managed to match Seedcamp’s pan-European globe-trotting. See out in-depth interview with founder Saul Klein recently for more.

  • http://StartupTrek.TV Steve Bell

    Sounds interesting, Michael; we would like to go over there and video interview them.

    A few questions. How does the process work, compared to the most successful programs aka TechStars, Keiretsu Forum? Is there involvement or advice from Academia? And, roughly how many startups per country; and how much have they invested, roughly, in European startups?

    Sounds great, would like to be visit them and report on it…

    steve b.

    • Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

      Hi Steve,
      the individual days are condensed versions of Seedcamp week. We applied to Mini Seedcamp London 2009. The first day, after the pitch, is both mentoring and testing by the mentors. We got lots of valuable contacts who helped us in the following months, but those mentors also gave feedback to Seedcamp on the most promising start-ups. If you are chosen for the second day, as we were, you get more feedback from the judges and more publicity from the likes of TCEU.

      On a personal note, I highly recommend applying to these events. I applied to Seedcamp Week back in September 2008 and was turned down. Applying and making it through to the finals in April 2009’s Mini Seedcamp was, I think, a key part of us winning Seedcamp Week in September 2009. The judges and mentors were able to see clear progress, and they had time to understand our business better. I also know of several start-ups who went on to get investment just from the attention of Mini Seedcamps.

      So I guess I am a fan, and I highly recommend applying.

      PS this is nothing like Keiretsu Forum.

  • Ali B

    Never heard of those finalists!!

    • Jonathan Deamer

      Zemanta, at least, are very well known, having been written about by Fred Wilson and funded by his Union Square Ventures, plus Eden Ventures.

      It’s also a product that I’m a big fan of personally, for what little that’s worth ;-)

    • Jonathan Deamer

      This evidence of vibrant European startup activity is a great counter-argument to Paul Carr’s recent TechCrunch piece about the sometimes-parochial nature of the scene on our side of the Atlantic

    • Mike Butcher

      Then you need to read TechCrunch Europe, don’t you.

  • Reshma

    @steve bell – all good questions. We just put up a longer post explaining things in more detail:

    You can always look at our FAQs also:

    And if you still want more info you can mail :-)

  • Andreas Klinger

    Seriously no Seedcamp Vienna?

    Its one of the current melting pots of webstartups.

  • Bram

    Glad to see that there is also movement in the European start-up market :)

    @Andreas, it obvious that they can’t visit every country. They also don’t visit Amsterdam… but anyway, you can always take the plane to Berlin or Paris.

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  • Georgi

    definitely wanted to go, but 23 of March, like all other dates, is during the working day :( and its impossible

  • Lee

    Thats a great change by SeedCamp, no one has to hang around for a year.

    Mike, you mention other startup programmes, I know a few but has techcrunch written a full list, might be useful, I would find it useful.

    Anyone know of any that have deadline in Early January?

  • Reshma

    @Bram – that’s right we can’t be everywhere in a year. Do note that we’re rotating through Europe each year. Last year we were in Warsaw, this year in Prague. Last year in Sweden, this year in Copenhagen. So Vienna is definitely in the cards.

    @Lee – glad you picked up on the change. We’re learning each year so we saw changing the timing/schedule a key part of the evolution

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  • fedd

    why there’s no Moscow? it’s in Russia.

  • Alexey

    +1. Why there is no Moscow? There are a lot of russian startups at seed stage and many of them are very interesting.

  • Mehmet Subasi

    And I would recommend Istanbul for a Seedcamp. It will add value to the Seedcamp.

  • dare

    Not heard that of recent..

  • Ivan

    Hope to see you all in Zagreb!

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