KLM considering handing out e-book readers to passengers (bad idea)

klm-logo1In-flight movies might not be the only form of airline-provided entertainment on KLM flights. The airline is considering handing out e-book readers to passengers after the idea won a contest offered up by the airline. The idea beat out Online Tax-Free Shopping and placing wind turbines under the runways. (yeah, I don’t get that either)

But as fun and exciting as free e-books seem, it would be a technical nightmare. Your mom barely knows how to use her cell phone, let alone a newfangled e-book reader. KLM might as well hire a Geek Squad agent for every flight.

I can see it now. *Bing* Someone in seat 21 A just pressed the attendant button because they couldn’t figure out how to read the New York Times. *Bing* Now someone can’t see the small font *Bing* “How do I read my email on this thing?” *Bing* *Bing* *Bing*

Maybe it would work  if KLM only handed out a few e-book readers to the first class stiffs. I could see that. But to stock an ebook reader in the back pocket of every seat seems damn expensive and unnecessary. I, for one, would rather save a few bucks on my flight than have access to an ebook reader. [Trading Markets via e-reader-info.com]