Volvo to bring C30 plug-in concept to the North American International Auto Show


Just as tablets will be all over CES, nearly every auto manufacturer will probably have a plug-in hybrid or fully-electric car at the NAIAS. Of course there are the already-known models from GM, Toyota, Fisker, and Honda. But Volvo announced today that it will also a C30 electric concept to show off.

There isn’t really anything to get excited about though. The C30 concept has a range of only 93-miles, top speed of 81, and takes eight hours to charge from a 230-volt source. The only thing it has going for itself is that it’s good looking.

A limited run of 150 vehicles will hit Swedish streets in 2011 to test out the concept. Hopefully Volvo doesn’t pull a page from GM’s history book and take a decade to produce the second generation.