Pics: Motorola Motus is real, coming to AT&T as Backflip (or Enzo)


Remember that crazy lookin’ Motorola-made Android handset that leaked out a few days ago? The one that appeared to have a flip-out keyboard on a big ol’ hinge? It’s real – and it’s heading for AT&T.

The name is still up in the air, but it looks like it’ll be called either the “Backflip” or the “Enzo”.

Someone snuck a bunch of shots of the unique handset into Phandroid’s inbox, and there’s no doubt about which carrier this is on. As if the AT&T logo sitting smack dab on the keyboard didn’t seal the deal, AT&T-specific apps like AT&T Nav and AT&T Music are in plain sight. When closed, the keyboard acts as the back of the phone; when open, the backside of the keyboard acts as a trackpad for scrolling with minimal hand readjustment.

It’s a few years late on this train, but AT&T’s finally getting an Android phone. It’s just a bit wonky.


[Source: Phandroid]