Family Guy Empire Strikes Back spoof leaks to Bit Torrent sites before its DVD debut


Fox made the decision to release the second Family Guy Star Wars spoof on DVD before airing on its network. Why? Greed. The first one was a huge hit and instead of just giving it away on a Sunday night for the whole world to enjoy, some corner office suits decided to release it on DVD first. That way, they probably thought while sipping 50-year old whiskey in a smoke-filled boardroom, people would have to either buy or rent it if they wanted to watch it.

Well, just like every other DVD released over the last 10 years, the movie hit the Internet well before its December 22nd release and is now widely available. The Pirate Bay lists it as the 13th most popular download right now. Serves them right. Good thing Seth MacFarlane mocks Fox during the Star Wars info. It’s like he knows.