TuneWiki hits Nokia store and integrates with FlyScreen

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[Israel/US] TuneWiki, an app that brings music streaming, a lyrics database and music videos from YouTube to one social, customizable media player (iTunes link) has been pretty popular on the iPhone. And now it’s just gone live on the Nokia Ovi store.

Of note is the addition of a ‘Follow’ feature which is only in the Nokia app.

In addition FlyScreen, the customisable lockscreen which features any kind of content widgets, has completed TuneWiki integration into its for Android app (not the Nokia app just yet).

This is FlyScreen’s first music controller widget, and Android’s first lock-screen music controller. It’s also their first partner integration which allows other apps to hook into FlyScreen

Venture capital-backed TuneWiki is also on the iPhone.

Using TuneWiki to stream radio station broadcasts lets you purchase songs you’re listening to directly from iTunes with just one click. It also streams lyrics from its database of over 2.7 million licensed lyrics files for both audio and video, includes the option to translate them into 40+ languages and plugs into third-party social networks.

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  • http://www.apalon.com/ovi_development.html Apalon

    Mike – please write an article about Ovi Store half a year later after the launch!

    While from our experience it hasn’t take up well – we would definitely want to see the big picture

  • http://www.appsmarketing.mobi Oren

    Such a good mix of 2 very respectable services. It’s Win-Win all around. Good work and congrats guys.

  • http://www.vccafe.com VC Cafe

    It’s great to see two Israeli start ups cooperating. Good luck with Ovi, lots of potential for music and for passive ads…

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