Rackspace Endorses reMail To Bring Full-Text Email Search To Its iPhone Customers

reMail, the powerful iPhone application that gives you instant full text-search for all of your Email, has been endorsed by Rackspace as a good solution for accessing the hosting company’s Email service on the go. Rackspace is now fully integrated into reMail, which means the process for importing a Rackspace Email account has been streamlined (users no longer have to deal with servers, port numbers, etc.). Rackspace users also get a discount: they’ll be able to add their IMAP accounts for 99 cents, as opposed to the app’s standard $3.99. In return, Rackspace will be promoting reMail to its users.

reMail launched its iPhone app back in August, offering a very powerful and speedy alternative to the native iPhone mail client, which has a number of shortcomings. For one, the iPhone’s default app stores only a limited number of messages on your phone — it needs to query the server for anything going back more than a few dozen messages, which means you’re out of luck if you’re on a plane and need to look something up. reMail manages to store your entire Email account on your phone using some advanced compression techniques (you can fit 100,000 messages into 500 megabytes) which gives you full text search at all times and is generally snappier than the normal search.

reMail has recently been tweaking its pricing model. It orginially launched as a $4.99 premium app, but recently shifted to a freemium model. You can now download reMail for free and use that with your Gmail account, but if you want to get IMAP access (which is what many people use for their work accounts) then you usually pay $3.99. Rackspace customers are getting that IMAP access for 99 cents.