Oh look, POP247 video game, Blu-ray vending machines trickle into the UK


Would you buy a video game out of a vending machine? I certainly would, if only to avoid the phony human contact thrust upon me at GameStop. So these POP247 whiz-bangs are great. Too bad I’ve never seen one here.

They’re starting to appear in the UK, home of formerly good football team Liverpool FC. Sony and Universal are behind the machines, and they dispense, yes, titles from said studios. It’s not just video games, either, but DVDs and Blu-ray discs, too.

In the future, they may even provide a way to push downloadable content, like PSP Go games.

Let’s be honest: the most exciting part about this post was the completely unnecessary dig at Liverpool FC. Without Torres and Gerrard that team would be fighting for top-flight survival this year. Fact.