Retro: Monocles are making a comeback for some reason

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Monocles are back, people! So says Fez from Ron and Fez, the Sirius XM radio program that spent a hot 10 minutes on this news story that says that monocles are back in fashion with young people. Time to get me some monocles!

Look at the evolution of eyeglasses: nowadays, you don’t even to wear ’em. You can rock contacts, or, better yet, if you have money or a proper health care plan, you can get LASIK. But monocles? That’s a fashion statement right there.

Monocles are said to be coming back in order to tap into the old way of fashioneering. Why suffer with a pair of glasses that’s on your face every waking hour when you can pop on a monocle when you need it? Trying to read a street sign? Whip out the monocle. Want to look like a hipster in the back rock of class? Monocle, baby.

Another possible reason for the monocle comeback? Steampunk. Maybe people want to look like a Neo-Victorian gentleman strolling down Oxford Street?

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