Israeli airport security shoots a defenseless MacBook


Not sure why this suddenly came up and I’m not going to get into the politics of this, but Israeli security, in an apparent fit of pique, shot a young woman’s laptop at the airport.

I went inside to check on my bag. I had left it unattended, where they instructed. It was still there so I went back outside.

Moments later a man came outside and introduced himself as the manager on duty. And then, “I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop. “

What….all my client case notes and testimony, writing, pictures, music and applications. Years of work. NO!!!! What?? Are you insane?? What were you thinking? THAT’S ALL MY WORK!?

After much yelling, crying and frantic phone dialing (don’t be alarmed if I called you repeatedly this morning), he took me outside to see the wreckage. It turned out it hadn’t been quite blown up, but rather shot through with three bullets. We were able to extract the hard drive, seemingly unscaved. Thank goodness

Now I’m no bomb expert, but as far as I remember bombs are concentrations of explosives connected to some sort of detonation system. Safety first, and all, but this seems like someone didn’t quite want to waste an entire entire C4 charge on a wild goose chase and instead decided to play Rambo.

Again, not to take sides but WTF, Israel? You have bomb robots for this sort of thing. This just rubs peoples’ noses in your extensive security apparatus.