Toyota plug-ins to arrive in limited fashion within a year

Want a plug-in car, but the Leaf and Volt aren’t doing it for you? Well, Toyota will be entering the market soon, though you should only count on it if you’re feeling lucky. First half of 2010 will only see 150 of these new plug-in Priuses (Prii?) on our shores, though they’re planning a full-size rollout for 2011. Now hang on a second… apparently these things only get 15 miles per battery charge. Are you kidding me?

Sorry, but unless I’m mistaken, these things aren’t going to sell very well with that kind of range. The competition gets three or four times that, right? So it’s a more efficient hybrid, but… is there going to be a place for extra-efficient hybrids in a few years? Seems like buying into a transitional form.