Thanko rolls out not one but two spy cams


Tokyo-based USB gadget maker today started selling two spy cameras, the so-called Camera Cap [JP] and the LED Spy Light [JP]. While it’s a bit of a stretch to call the latter a spy accessory, the bizarre cap can surely be used for undercover reconnaissance and other shenanigans. As to be expected, both gadgets are kind of silly and powered by USB.


The camera cap shoots video with 640×480 resolution and at 25fps. It has 4GB of internal memory (enough to store 50 minutes of video), weighs 130g and has a battery life of 2.5 hours. You can connect it to your Windows machine via USB. It’s available over at Geek Stuff 4U for $134.47.


The LED Spy Light looks more like a conventional flashlight than anything else. It has a small camera that shoots video with 640×480 resolution (at 30fps) and pictures with 1,600×1,200 resolution. The main “selling point” here is that you can do this while it’s dark. If you use the light and the camera at the same time, you’ll be able to shoot video continuously for about 2 hours before the battery dies.


You can use the 2GB of internal memory, but there’s also a microSD/SDHC card slot (8GB max). Just like the camera cap, you can connect the Spy Light to your Windows PC via USB.

The device is available at Geek Stuff 4U for $94.92.