Attn: Online Job Boards – Subject: RealMatch Breathing Down Your Neck.

If you think that the online job board vertical occupied by the likes of can’t be shaken up, think again. Case in point: Realmatch, an Israeli founded startup that is climbing up the job classified food chain. In only three years, it has managed to form a 1200-strong partner network that is reaching 37 million job seekers per month with 60,000 positions available at any given time.

Realmatch’s end-to-end solution appeases employers, candidates and partners. It begins with employers who instead of shelling a couple hundred bucks, get to post their jobs for free. They’ll then start receiving candidates for which they’ll be able to view CV summaries for. Employers who want access to full CVs can either purchase a pack of six views for $95, or unlimited views per job posting for $195. Once access is purchased, employers can then contact the candidates by way of email, chat, and video conferencing, all of which are integrated into Realmatch’s system.

Realmatch does a couple of interesting things before it sends CVs to employers. First, it qualifies each candidate by grading and ranking their skills against the requirements of the position. I was told there’s real algorithmic work here to ensure quality matching. Second, Realmatch also sends employers ‘passive’ job seekers. These are prospects which did not submit their CV to the particular position, but whose skills were found to be a match by Realmatch after mining its candidate database.

The second end of the equation is Realmatch’s partner network. The company believes its real strength is in taking the form of a dating network so to speak, as opposed to a destination such as To be able to achieve such a network paradigm, Realmatch’s solution is offered in white-labeled form that can be easily integrated into the partner sites.

The partner solution includes a variety of features such as a back-office suite with client and job management, reporting and CRM with campaign and contact management. Partners can modify the job site’s homepage but not the internal pages. They can however run their own ads on any of the pages.

The partner network which is reaching 37 million job seekers a month now tops 1200 sites that range from online editions of newspapers to blogs, and any site in between. Current partners include the South Bend Tribune, Washington Times, and

Revenue produced by employers’ purchase of CV access packages is split three ways. The partner site gets a third, the site that added the employee’s CV into the pool gets a third, and Realmatch gets a third. As fair and square as it comes.

Finally, the benefit for candidates is obvious. CV’s uploaded into any Realmatch-powered site is distributed across its network, regardless of where they where added.

Realmatch is currently in the midst of raising a second round of financing.