Google just advertised Chrome to a million people in the UK

[UK] It’s not long out but Google Chrome is getting a major marketing boost in the UK. Today there are wrap-around cover adverts in the free Metro newspaper which circulates across the UK to morning commuters. We’re also getting reports on billboards appearing all over the country and online marketing on Facebook and other sites.

We’ve seen Twitter reports of the newspaper ads appearing in London and Manchester, but it looks like it’s across the whole country, which would give the campaign a total Metro circulation of over 1.3 million. Circulation of the Metro paper in London alone is 738,000. This is a big footprint.

Google is also doing Billboard ads, according to The NextWeb.

The advert describes Chrome as “A fast, new browser. Made for everyone”. That’s just fine and dandy, although it’s fair to say that a lot of people still don’t know what a browser actually is.

Readers can open up the ad to find about why Google made the browser, its stability and its features like tab handling, Incognito mode, and the feedback it gives you on your surfing habits.

Chrome is obviously a minority browser in comparison to Internet Explorer and FireFox, but it’s clear Google is going all out to give it exposure in a key market.

The audience for the Metro is described as an “urban and mainly youthful audience” with 62% of readers of upper or middle class social grade and 78% aged 15–44. 64% are in work according to Metro owner Associated Newspapers.

Pictures by @mahadewa

Update: Billboard ads started appearing in early November it seems.