Google Wants You To Give Chrome For Christmas

Not sure what presents to get for the holidays? How about giving away a free browser? Your friends and relatives won’t think you are too cheap to get them a real present. They might even thank you, if the present is Google’s shiny new Chrome browser all wrapped up in virtual wrapping paper.

In a holiday promotion, Google lets you give ChromeForChristmas. It’s a pretty simple, but effective, marketing site. You choose some themed paper which gets wrapped around the Google Chrome logo and then is delivered via email to the person receiving the “gift,” along with an e-card with your picture or even a video attached. They get to unwrap the virtual gift and are prompted to download Chrome.

Google is starting to push Chrome in a big way now, not just in the U.S., but also abroad. The Chrome beta is now available on Macs and it is now offers a growing array of extensions. There are worse presents you could give.

(Hat Tip to Paul Foster)