Seagate's Momentus Thin hard drives are 2mm thinner than usual


A quick update to yesterday’s story about new Seagate hard drives. We now have capacities! Seagate’s Momentus Thin series of 2.5-inch drives will stand at only 7mm in height (9.5mm is the standard) and come in sizes of 250GB and 160GB.

The drives, both of which purr along at a S-ATA-approved 3.0Gb/s, spin a 5400RPM. No, that’s not exactly super fast, but do keep in mind that they’re designed for use in laptops. If you need super fast hard drive speed, you’d better off moving up to a solid state drive.

This is but one new hard drive, and we expect to be be greeted by more once CES rolls around in a few weeks.