Scoble Junior discovered in Paris

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Aside from being a great event, Le Web has thrown up a new discovery.

We came across this guy “Scoble Jr“, like some kind of re-incarnated Boy Dalai Lama, singing a song in a Paris Irish bar (if that’s even possible). The song was about something called the FriendFaxFeed. This is a new realtime app with which “you can fax a friend an call it a feed”. Enjoy:

{Ok, Ok, I’ll explain: Out at dinner after Le Web, we found amongst us a guy who’d never heard of Robert Scoble, but looked exactly like him, only about 20 years younger. After explaining it all, he hit the piano.

  • Paul Papadimitriou

    That was the best night out from Paris #afterLeWeb.

    Hope Robert will love that gift masterminded by Jeremiah, Mike, me and other crazy geeks in a Chinese-Irish pub ;-)

    (thanks to Fahran for the amazing vid!)

  • Damon Oldcorn

    Ha Ha – Mike – same old story whichever European city – the lure of the Irish pub proves too much again……….

    • Neuro

      Remember its not a real Irish pub unless theres the guy who looks about 90 wearing a cap and is chain smoking rollups and reading the racing post.

  • Stefano Bernardi

    That was an awesome moment, sooo much fun!
    Thanks Mike and all the guys who where in the Carr’s Pub!!

  • Alex Barrera

    hahaha man, tears come to my eyes every time I recall it!! It was a blast of a dinner! Mike’s face when he saw him was priceless haha

    Guys thanks so much for the amazing evening!

  • Amalia

    LOL History was written that night, glad I was a part of this :)

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