Reviews: Crazy Japanese Kit Kats


For some reason JList sent me a box of Kit Kats. These aren’t just any Kit Kats. They’re Japanese Kit Kats. If the Japanese are good at anything, it’s making the familiar inexplicably strange.

So I decided to open up all of these Kit Kats and try them for you. I came away somewhat disappointed – the flavor gamut ran from “tea-ish” to “just another Kit Kat” to “these are spicy.” But it’s always nice to try new things, right?

Kit Kat Little, Caramel Flavor – OK. Good start. Kit Kat littles are like malted milk balls but crunchier and they contain the wafer and the caramel for a nice effect. I’d say these are a good start.

Kit Kat, Ginger Ale – Sweet merciful WTF. Kit Kats aren’t my favorite candies to begin with but Ginger Ale? Ginger Ale? This is some sort of strange branch on the Kit Kat evolutionary tree that deserves to be cut off at the bud. DO NOT WANT.

Kit Kat, Royal Milk Tea – Huh. Tea flavor. OK. I can get behind this. It kind of tastes like tea with milk and the Japanese love them some Remains of the Day so it makes sense that they’d make a British-themed Kit Kat. Generally a winner.

Kit Kat Little with Chili Powder – Oh no. What did I get myself into? I couldn’t read the package so I thought that these were like dark chocolate. Then I ate some and felt the spiciness and it gave me a headache. I don’t feel very good.

Kit Kat Yaki Imo – Yaki Imo is a baked potato. This is like a white Kit Kat with some kind of weird flavor hidden deep, deep under the chocolate. I honestly couldn’t tell you if this tasted like anything familiar. It seems the Japanese base their flavors on the power of suggestion.

All of these are about $2 on JList. I can definitely recommend the Caramel littles and the Royal Milk Tea. The rest are definitely an acquired taste, just like JList’s extensive library of Japanese onacups.