Recession-Era Seedcamp finalist Plug in SEO offers money back guarantee

pluginSEO[UK] Plug in SEO, which provides website owners with a set of tools to help with search engine optimization, is offering a money back guarantee. Users won’t have to pay a thing if their traffic doesn’t increase month on month. That’s quite the promise and should go someway to countering the poor reputation that much of the SEO industry has, which frankly is plagued with cowboys. Just mention the word SEO on Twitter and see how many monkeys jump on your back.

Fittingly, the London-based startup was a finalist in this year’s “Recession-Era” Seedcamp, as Mike Butcher called it, which was notable for the number of companies focused on offering its customers time or money savings and not afraid to utter the word “revenue” in their pitch. Talking of which, Plug in SEO’s pricing – presuming a website’s traffic does increase – certainly stretches the definition of fremium.

The service is only free if your site sees as little as 1,000 visits per-month – you’re required to install Plug in SEO’s tracking code or hook the service into Google Analytics. Traffic of up to 5,000 visits will set you back £39 per-month, with the price going right up to £79 per-month at the 100,000 mark, although the company is offering a discount for the first 180 days, and that’s after an initial 30 day free trial. Along with the money back guarantee, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

What Plug in SEO isn’t is an automated SEO offering. Instead, via a browser plug-in and the site itself, the service “analyses and tracks keywords, inbound links, content, URLs and other SEO factors of the customer’s and competitors website” and then dishes out the appropriate advice on how to improve your search engine ranking, all within the rules imposed by the likes of Google and Bing.