Watch out, Game Gun, the big guys are nipping at your heels

This is interesting. You remember the Game Gun and Wireless Game Gun, right? The Redneck Techie’s liquor-fueled foray into the world of total immersion gaming? Well, a company called Microvision appears to be taking him on, though they seem to think they’re the first.

Microvision has designed a unique handheld first-person shooter projection game controller prototype that uses the PicoP display engine to project images on any surface.

Now… I’m not going to say they’re deluded, and of course I think their device looks cool (the laser projection means focus isn’t an issue), but unique? The thing is practically a Game Gun replica, except they put the projector on before he did (he already noted that he was doing it in the first video).

We were discussing this in the chatroom and Greg made an excellent point:


Yeah, I can imagine the issues that might come up as enemies grow and shrink in size as you point that thing around a room, or grow angles and other distortions when you happen to be shooting into a corner of it.

Well, I can only make so much fun of something that’s clearly very cool. I hope this technology makes it into our living rooms some time soon, whether from the Redneck Techie or not.