Jolicloud Launches Beta Version Of Its Netbook OS At Le Web

Well-known European entrepreneur Tariq Krim just finished presenting the public beta release of Jolicloud, a new type of operating system for netbooks that we’ve covered a couple of times before, at Le Web.

As of today, you can install Jolicloud Express on most Windows netbooks out there easily by simply downloading the installation file and run it from the machine (when I installed the alpha release, I still needed to download it to a USB key and boot it from on there).

It will keep the Windows partition and data safe, so you can always switch back to Windows if you want.

Jolicloud also added a HTML5 launcher to the system, with help from Mozilla engineers and developers. The main goal is to give people a way to synchronize as many netbooks as they want with their Jolicloud account, including preferences, installed apps, and so on.

Try it out, and let us know what you think.

Jolicloud raised $4.2 million in Series A funding from Atomico Ventures and Mangrove Capital Partners last July.