The Social Times/AllFacebook Acquired By WebMediaBrands

The Social Times, the company behind, has been acquired by WebMediaBrands. We’ve confirmed the news with Social Times founder Nick O’Neill, who will be joining WebMediaBrands as Director of Social Times. O’Neill couldn’t comment on the acquisition price, but says that he is pleased with the deal.

A big congratulations to O’Neill, who started the company two and a half years ago with the launch of AllFacebook, which extensively covers Facebook news. He followed that up around six months later with the launch of The Social Times, which covers a broader array of social media issues. O’Neill is the company’s only full time staff member, though he has a number of contractors contributing content to the sites.

Along with AllFacebook and the Social Times, the deal includes New Media School, a site that helps with social media strategy that launched in August. It also includes the company conference.

The news comes as WebMediaBrands, which is perhaps best known as the onwer of Media Bistro, goes through a major transition. The company has divested the majority of its properties, including its recent sale of for $18 million. With today’s acquisiiton, WebMediaBrands is looking to expand into the social media space. O’Neill will be given resources to hire more writers to continue expanding his sites (he says they’ll probably be hiring ten more in the next few weeks). And we may well see more deals in the near future.

The Social Times currently draws around 500,000 unique vistors and 1 million page views a month.