Swype gets hacked onto the original Omnia (Update: And more!)


If you’re one of the 3 million or so people rocking the original Samsung Omnia, you might be feelin’ like you’ve been left out in the cold now that the Omnia II is on the shelves. At the very least, you’re probably a bit envious of the Omnia II’s finger-swiping text input method, Swype. Yeah? Don’t fret – we’ve got good news.

Just one week after the Omnia II’s launch, the phone modding community has already ripped it apart, extracted the goods, and have it pretty much fully functioning on the original Omnia (Both the SGH-I900 and US model SGH-i910). Though I can’t promise it’ll stay up for long (considering that Samsung and/or Swype might be a bit chapped by this), you can find the download details over at MoDaCo. Only English and Spanish are supported at the moment, though the modders are digging away for the other language files.

With the ball now rolling, we can probably expect Swype to get modded onto other, non-Omnia WinMo handsets before too long. And to the folks responsible for getting this all up-and-running: keep up the good work, guys!

Update: Looks like they’ve got it working on other WVGA handsets, too, including the GSM Omnia II and the HTC TouchPro2.