Skyfire Lights Up New Version Of Rich Windows Mobile Browser

Skyfire, the developers of a “game-changing” PC-like web-browser for mobile devices, has launched a new version of its browser for Windows Mobile. Skyfire is free and the only browser of the bunch to support Flash, Silverlight, and a number of other technologies generally reserved for desktop browsers, hence the comparison to a PC browser. Skyfire, which has over one million users, supports devices from Nokia, Samsung, LG, HTC, Palm, Motorola, and is BlackBerry.

Enhancements in the new version include full support for high-resolution screens, a sleeker user interface that is more finger friendly, crisper text, smoother zooming, and a full-screen mode that maximizes screen real estate. Skyfire will now provide native support for the VGA and wVGA resolutions and has added Kinetic scrolling to improve smoother browsing. In addition to adding more touch capabilities, Skyfire has added a mode for touch screens that allows users to remove all UI icons and elements from the screen to enlarge visibility of the browser.

The new version will also be speedier thanks to a server upgrade and keep any text entry box visible when the virtual keyboard is used. And the latest versions of Adobe Flash 10 and Microsoft’s Silverlight. 1.5 rich media technologies have been updated in the browser. Additionally, Skyfire features a customizable and high-resolution homepage, known as the “Fireplace,” integrating RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and Gmail, into one stream.

Skyfire has had a productive year-the startup recently raised an additional $5 million in Series B funding and added former Travelocity exec Jeffrey Glueck as CEO. To date, the startup has raised a healthy $22.8 million in funding. You can download the new version of Skyfire’s browser here.

Skyfire Mobile Browser 1.5 – Windows Mobile from Skyfirelabs on Vimeo.