Pitch The World: Davos Debates 2010 Opens On YouTube

The World Economic Forum has partnered with YouTube for the last three years to let anyone tell the world how they feel about important issues of the day. Here’s our coverage of last year’s WEF/YouTube partnership, for example. Pablo Camacho from Bogota, Colombia, won an all expenses paid trip to the annual WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland last January based on his submission.

This year the program is back. They’re asking everyone to “pitch the world” and upload a video highlighting an important issue that the forum should address next month. An independent jury composed, among others, of writer Paulo Coelho and blogger Arianna Huffington, will shortlist finalists, and the YouTube committee will then determine the winner. That person will be brought to Davos to address the forum.

More information is here. Submit your videos by January 4, 2010.