LeWeb: Wordy – more than just a spell-checker

[Denmark] One thing that’s sometimes overlooked on the tech scene is content. But whether you like it or not, content is what makes the web go around. Or without it the internet environment would clearly be a bit less interesting.

Wordy is a start up that among other things wants to step in and get rid of all the rambling blog posts out there. It’s a service that allows anyone producing text online to access professional copy-editors 24/7.

Watch Wordy’s pitch at 00:23:25

The service was created by copywriter Anders Schepelern in December last year. Anders found himself in need of a service that gave him fast, cheap and reliable editing of his English texts. He then teamed up with serial entrepreneur Morten Wulff, who’s also involved with another Le Web start-up, Sports predictions.

The service opened for editors in August this year and about 250 people registered in just one week. The project is currently in beta until March 2010 and will launch on the 1 of April, which is probably the only day of the year when embarrassing Freudian slips can be passed off as a joke.

Wordy uses and open API and allows its copy-editors to be accessible to customers through CMS-, blog- and pre-press systems like WordPress and Joomla. The tag-line is ”publish with confidence” and the founders are aiming high. They plan to make Wordy the standard for all pre-publish editing by 2011.

But who would want to pay for a service like Wordy then? The company is targeting non-English speakers in Europe and the Middle East who’re looking for proof-readers.

Although Wordy is competing with similar services in India and is hoping that their main selling point will be the real-time aspect and the credibility of their copy-editors.