LeWeb: Superfeedr – the lube for the real-time web?

[US] Superfeedr wants to help you out with all your feed needs and hope to be “the lube for the real-time web”. Interesting. The service promises to collect up to a 1000 feeds for free and push them to users in real time, which in reality means less than 15 minutes.

Watch Superfeedr’s pitch at 00:01:18

The service turns feeds into one standardised format and users can add any atom or RSS feeds they want, but also follow Flickr, Twitter and similar services.

Superfeedr is an API only service and uses both XMPP and PubSubHubbub to create the feeds.

The only common API on the web today are feeds. Superfeedr works by collecting URLs and then pushing them to users. The company also provides users with white label hubs that helps bloggers and content producers to push their content out there.

But who will actually use the service and are there people out there following up to 1000 feeds? According to Superfeedr the real-time aspect is the main selling point and the company are hoping to target businesses and probably some übergeeks out there as well.

There are already some iPhone apps using Superfeedr, among others webwag.

The company is brought to you by the guys behind the slightly similar notifixio.us, which allows its users to subscribe to website updates.

Superfeedr finalized their seed run in November and gained the support of among others Twitter backed Betaworks who are already have Bit.ly, Tweetdeck and Tumblr in their stable.