LeWeb: Stay fit with the iPhone says RunKeeper

[US] Are you constantly attached to your iPhone? Do you like to stay fit? Why not combine the two? That’s the thought behind Fitnesskeeper an app for smart phones that allows runners, cyclists and other outdoorsy sporty types to track their process and training.

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The app is an extension of RunKeeper that does pretty much the same thing, only for runners. If RunKeeper’s success is anything to go by, then things are looking good. The app was received well and has been downloaded over 900 000 times since it was launched in June 2008.

Fitnesskeeper tracks all your outdoor fitness activities through GPS. Your progress, or lack of it, is also stored on the RunKeeper site and can be shared with other users. There’s a free and a pro version. Those who’re willing to pay $9.99 will get a trainer section and can select specific workouts.

The perks are that users can listen to their iPod while they’re using the app. That’s most of your sporty needs in one package and users wont have to buy an expensive tracking device for their training.

The company are aiming higher than to just be another running app and plan to build a mobile fitness platform.

All the current revenue comes from downloads, but that isn’t the company’s business model.

RunKeeper hopes to differentiate themselves from other similar apps by building a network, platform and by collecting data from their users. That’s why they’re also launching RunKeeper fitness reports, which is a summary of all the data collected through the app. The users can then compare their progress to the other runners on the community, which might work better for some than others.