LeWeb: Sports predictions tells you where to place your bets

[Denmark] Sports predictions is a service that might make all the football geeks out there salivate a bit. The site hopes to attract sports geeks and betting fans by promising to deliver scientific premier league predictions.

Watch Sports predictions’s pitch at 00:16:16

The company looks at a data around a certain game and comes up with a prediction based on that. For a premiere league game they look at 71 000 match events and compare that with historical data. They hope that this is a winning combination that will predict the actual outcome of the game. The prediction model has already worked for the sports industry, but will it work for the gamblers?

Of course Sports predictions promise that they’re going to deliver and according to them they’re right between 5 and 7 times out of ten. Hmm…

It will also possible to bet on a game in real-time through the site or on your iPhone, while watching a live game.

The business model is to hook up with bookmakers and get share of the transactional fee when users are placing bets through the site. They company is trying to close as many deals as possible before the World Cup this summer and are aiming to break into the US market at some point.

Although if the business model doesn’t work out the founders might just use all of that collective intelligence and go wild at the betting agents in South Africa this summer.