Greystripe Launches Ads For Android

Mobile advertising network Greystripe is rolling out its ad formats for the Android this morning, offering Android app developers with an an Android SDK and an opportunity to monetize their applications. Greystripe, which has delivered ads into over 300 million ad-supported games and applications on the iPhone and Java platform, says that with the success of its ads on iPhone apps, it makes sense to expand to the growing Android market.

Greystripe’s Android SDK supports pre-roll, interstitial and post-roll inventory. A few developers are already using Greystripe’s Android ads including the Casual Games Network, Adam Schmelzle, and Jump Games. It should be interesting to see how the dust settles following the recent acquisition by Google of competitor AdMob. While it seems doubtful that Google would close the ad market off for Android, the fact remains that Google develops and produces the Android OS and AdMob has Android-specific ads on its network.

The recent acquisition has left other ad networks scrambling to make their offerings more attractive. Greystripe recently launched a guaranteed download program and introduced a guaranteed CPC program. Google has high hopes for AdMob and it should certainly continue to be the leader of the pack in the future. AdMob also launched ad formats for Palm WebOS recently.

That being said, Greystripe has been able to raise an impressive amount of VC funding and even got a $2 million infusion from NBC. Greystripe maintains that its rich media full-screen ads generate higher click through rates and are able to generate better revenue to its publishers. Although Greystripe claims its rates are higher, we’ve heard they are on par with AdMob’s rates.