Vevo Gets More YouTube Love Prior To Tonight's Launch

Screen shot 2009-12-08 at 1.17.33 PM

Later tonight, Vevo, the “Hulu for music videos,” being launched by YouTube and several of the record labels, is set to go live. But there’s already some Vevo content appearing on YouTube itself right now.

As you can see on this page, YouTube has an account fo EminemVEVO. It appears this is a way to cross promote for the new service. Not only is the video branded with the Vevo logo (which we’ve seen previously), but the page its on features links to visit Vevo (which currently points to the Vevo Blog), as well as the artists’ areas on the site. There are many of these YouTube/Vevo pages popping up, here’s Toby Keith’s, for example.

Vevo inked a deal with EMI the other day to make Warner the last remaining major label holdout for the project. Warner does have an agreement with YouTube to host its music videos there, but the other labels have all agreed to eventually move their content from YouTube over to Vevo (though oddly, they’ll still be hosted by YouTube, which they’ll get paid for). These videos will still be served up for free, but will be supported by advertising in a way that’s expected to be similar to the Hulu model (which itself could change next year).

Already, users on YouTube are seeing these heavy Vevo promotions and getting annoyed.

Update: And here’s the main channel.

[thanks Ron]