iTunes Rewind Highlights The Best Apps Of 2009

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With Christmas looming, the post-holiday spike of app sales is just weeks away. As new iPhone owners find their way into the App Store for the first time, they’ll be looking for the best of the best to throw their money at – and Apple’s ready to cash in.

Earlier today Apple released “iTunes Rewind 2009”, a list of the top selling and most loved applications of the year.

They’ve broken things down in four ways: Best of Games, Best of Apps, Top Selling Games, and Top Selling Apps. The “Best of” categories appear to be staff picks, rather than a list of the apps with the best user ratings – which, considering that the ratings system is endlessly being gamed, is probably a good thing.

Here’s how it all worked out:

Best Selling Games of 2009:

  • The Sims, EA
  • The Oregon Trail, Gameloft
  • Need For Speed, EA
  • Madden NFL 10, EA
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour, EA
  • Assassins Creed, Gameloft
  • Flight Control, Firemint
  • Cooking Mama, Taito
  • Civilization Revolution, 2k Games
  • Wheel Of Fortune, Sony
  • Peggle, Popcap
  • Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega
  • Let’s Golf, Gameloft
  • 2XL Supercross, 2XL Games
  • Real Racing, Firemint
  • Sally’s Spa, Games Cafe
  • Stick Wars, John E. Hartzog
  • Ragdoll Blaster, Backflip Studios
  • Deer Hunter 3d, Glu
  • Fast & Furious, I-Play
  • Metal Gear Solid, Konami
  • F.A.S.T, SGN
  • Zenonia, Gamevil
  • 3d Brick Breaker, Digital Chocolate
  • Bookworm, Popcap
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Gameloft
  • Doom Resurrection, id

As you can tell by looking at the top of the list, EA and Gameloft absolutely dominated the App Store this year. Few other developers have more than one item in the top sellers; EA and Gameloft both have 4.

Best Selling Apps of 2009:

  • MobileNavigator North America, Navigon
  • at Bat, MLB
  • Textfree, Pinger
  • TomTom US & Canada, TomTom
  • Golfshot, Shotzoom
  • Slingplayer Mobile
  • ColorSplash, Pocket Pixels
  • PocketGod, Bolt Creative
  • Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite, Quickoffice
  • The Moron Test, DistinctDev
  • I Am T-Pain, Smule
  • Red Laser, Occipital
  • Camera Zoom 2, Kenditech
  • iBird Explorer, Mitch Waite
  • Documents To Go, DataViz
  • ViewTi Golf, ViewTi
  • Emoji Icons, SpiceLoop
  • AIM, AOL
  • Weather Channel Max, Weather Channel Interactive
  • Wolfenstein 3d, ID
  • PicFree, Pinger
  • Proloquo 2 Go, AssistiveWare
  • CNN Mobile, CNN
  • Camera Genius, CodeGoo
  • MotionX GPS Drive, MotionX
  • FlightTrack Pro, Mobiata
  • Family Guy, Fox Mobile
  • iSoda, Hottrix
  • ESPN Radio, ESPN

Unlike the Top Games list, there aren’t any repeat winners here. It appears that we’re looking at the top grossing apps, not necessarily the apps that sold the most units. Note the appearance of Proloquo2Go, a $190 text-to-speech system for people who have difficulty speaking.

Best Games of 2009:

  • Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, Tiger Style
  • Real Racing, Firemint
  • ZENONIA, Gamevil
  • Ravensword: The Fallen King, Chillingo
  • Earth Vs. Moon, Low Five Games
  • Sally’s Spa, Games Cafe
  • Ragdoll Blaster, Backflip Studios
  • Canabalt, Semi Secret
  • Blades of Fury, Gameloft
  • Doom Classic, iD
  • Sway, Illusion Labs
  • geoDefense, Critical Thought
  • Flight Control, Firemint
  • Alive 4-ever, meridian
  • Fantastic Contraption, inXile
  • Samurai: Way of the Warrior, Mad Finger Games
  • Backbreaker Football, NaturalMotion
  • Meteor Blitz, Alley Labs
  • Rolando 2, ngmoco
  • Star Hogs, IUGO
  • Paper Toss, Backflip
  • Boost 3d, Jonathan Lanis
  • Doodle Jump, Lima Sky
  • Zen Bound, Chillingo
  • Stick Wars, John E. Hartzog
  • Eliminate Pro, ngmoco
  • Tap Tap Revenge, Tapulous
  • Call Of Duty: World At War: Zombies, Activision
  • iBomber, Cobra Mobile
  • Jet Car Stunts, True Axis

The contrast in Apple’s favorites vs. the top sellers is interesting. Where as Gameloft and EA dominate the top sales lists, only Gameloft even shows up here, with Blades Of Fury. It seems like Apple made it a point to highlight the smaller dev teams as much as possible.

Best Apps Of 2009:

  • ReelDirector, Nexvio
  • Magellan Roadmate 2010 North America, Magellan
  • Jamie Oliver’s 20 minute meals, Zolmo
  • I Am T-Pain, Smule
  • CBS Sports: Live College Games, CBS
  • Sketchbook Mobile, Autodesk
  • Star Walk, Vito Technology
  • Convertbot, Tapbots
  • Leaf Trombone: World Stage, Smule
  • Pano, Debacle Software
  • Color Splash, Pocket Pixels
  • (SHAZAM)Red, Shazam Entertainment
  • SmackTalk!, Marcus Satellite
  • Awesome Note, BRID
  • Mathemagics – Mental Math Tricks, Blue Lightning Labs
  • Tweetie 2, atebits
  • Musée du Louvre, Musée du Louvre
  • Flight Update Pro, Silverware Software
  • CNBC Real Time, NBC Universal
  • ESPN ScoreCenter, ESPN
  • Vintage Video Maker, MacPhun
  • Storyboard Composer, Cinemek
  • Fandango Movie, Fandango
  • Beejive IM with Push, Beejive
  • Zipcar, Zipcar
  • Credit Card Terminal, Inner Fence
  • NBA League Pass Mobile, MobiTV
  • NearestWiki, acrossair
  • Golfshot, Shotzoom
  • Mover, Infinite Labs

What do you think – any apps on the top lists that you wouldn’t have expected? Any that you expected to see that didn’t make it?