BlueAnt releases a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riders


Bluetooth headsets are great in a car but even more awesome on a motorcycle. It’s not like you can use your phone while cruising down the road on a bike. You might drop the phone and no one wants that. BlueAnt is the latest company to release a system that fully utilizes all the capabilities of Bluetooth for motorcycle riders.

These days, Bluetooth isn’t just for phone calls. With the A2DP profile, the systems can stream all sorts of audio which makes a lot of sense for the average rider. The Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit has an intercom mode, can receive audio from some GPS units, stream music, and of course connect to your phone for calls.

The system works both full-faced and open-faced helmets, is fully weatherproof and can connect to two devices simultaneously. All this Bluetooth fun doesn’t come cheap though. The system has an MSRP of $225.