Zemanta opens up its recommendation engine for bloggers, hopes to drive more traffic to users

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logo[London] Zemanta, a service that helps bloggers find related content as they write, launches a new version of its service later today. As well as a general makeover designed to make its widget lighter and faster, the big change is that Zemanta is opening up its recommendation engine to no longer just include so-called ‘professional media’ but also content from its community of users. This, says the company, will create a level playing field, giving community content the same chance of being featured as more established sources as long as it’s deemed relevant. However, it’s not yet clear if all community content will make it into Zemanta’s index.

For those that do, however, being regularly featured as a ‘related content’ source could drive significant traffic for a small blog, and presumably that’s Zemanta’s gamble. While it risks diluting the quality of those links, it gives joe-blogger another reason to keep using the service.

On that note, the service offers stats to its users showing how many links they’ve received each month and where they were published.


Zemanta supports 15 of the most popular blogging platforms and is accessible through a browser extension (IE & FireFox), bookmarklet or server-side plugin. The company, which has offices in London, New York and Ljubljana, Slovenia, launched in 2007 after being chosen as a winner of Seedcamp 2007.

  • http://www.elasticlife.net Tadej Gregorcic

    Great news – keep pulling all the right strings, guys!

  • Eric Schmidt

    great thing this one is,

  • http://havocdynamics.xtreemhost.com vishalhd

    oh sweet. I think I will be using this to get some traffic :) Going to need it. Its looking damn cool :)

  • http://themindblogger.com Rohit Bhatia

    woww … this looks coool …great work guys!

  • http://www.iglue.com Frank 47

    Hi All,

    I already mentioned this on RWW. I do like Zemanta. Nice looking features. However I can’t help but wonder why I have never read about another former Eastern European software called iGlue. http://www.iglue.com

    Take a look at their site and the demo of the client side, a much advanced version of Zemanta. No one ever wrote about them. TechCrunch? An editorial?

  • http://steppinoutblog.info/ steppinout

    Just wrote about Zemanta on my blog a few days ago plus ScribeFire and Windows Live Writer. Among those 3, Zemanta is the best one.

  • http://ffwtech.com Hunter

    While the traffic would be a nice bonus, I feel like I won’t be able to use it if I don’t like the service for what it’s supposed to do, which is, recommend quality links.

  • http://www.iglue.com Frank 47

    Yeah, but what if you could give your users quality ‘added’ material right on your site on diverse topics. Not just links, but value added material. Annotated content in a rich environment. Again I am surprised no one has written about iGlue as of yet because that is exactly what it does.

    Take a look at their server side Beta at http://www.iglue.com and then click on the iGlue – IceCube Demo at the bottom of the front page to see their annotation and the added content it gives. I think this is far better than anything else out there.

    Looks to me like I’m going to be the cheerleader of iGlue, and I’m happy to be as it really is worth it. Take a bit of time to explore this application.

  • http://www.versia-online.com/ Raje sekar

    Nice post, I really enjoyed.

  • http://www.yourdesign.co.za Michael Montgomery

    I tried Zemanta, some time ago. Recently I used http://www.apture.com/ and must admin I like Apture more.

    However I’ll give the new version another “GO”

  • http://www.zemanta.com Matjaž

    Zemanta just released a general makeover of its widget:


    Get it while it’s hot!

  • http://marklord.info/ Mark Lord

    They have had this service available for a while – I often see my own posts available for me to link to!

  • http://el-abee.web.id el7cosmos

    great article…

    does this zemanta support non-English languages?

  • http://www.zemanta.com/ Tilly McLain


    Thanks for the awesome feedback! We are way excited about the new opportunities bloggers now have to gain some extra exposure! Not to mention that a makeover was a bit overdue ;)

    @Hunter By opening up our recommendation pool, and allowing bloggers easier access to become part of the network, means even more relevant our article suggestions for you to use on your blog posts!

    @el7cosmos Not yet, but multiple language support is definitely something that is on our roadmap :)

    Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or feedback for the team! We are very excited to hear everyone’s reaction!

    Tilly McLain
    community manager, Zemanta

  • http://www.yourdesign.co.za Michael Montgomery

    Just loaded the new version (works Great!), then remembered what really bugs me about Zemanta. Embedded links take *MY* visitors away from my site. NO NO!! , I’m not willing to give up my visitors this easily.

    For now I’ll stick to Apture


  • http://www.zemanta.com/ Tilly McLain

    @MichaelMontgomery You don’t have to link to other related articles to have your content suggested to others. But link love does work best when its a 2 way relationship :D


  • http://www.zemanta.com Andraz Tori

    Actually most users report Zemanta causes MORE TRAFFIC. If you link to others, others link to you. Leading to raising your prominence on the topics you blog about. Which leads to more traffic.

    For example:

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • http://www.mwd.com Joe Hobot

    I have been using Zemanta for nearly 2 years many of my blogs got lots of traffic due to Zemanta and backlinks too.

    I just love it and first thing I do is install their plugin on WP!!!

  • http://tallpeopledate.com sam klume

    I would use this every day

  • Davor

    congrats and best wishes to neighboring country’s entrepreneurs :)

  • http://www.LocalSearchMarketingBlog.com Curtis

    I just found this software the other day. I installed it on my computer and now my WordPress blog freezes up every time I go to post. Not sure what happened.

    I love the idea of it though. I hope I can get this to work.

    • http://www.zemanta.com Andraz Tori

      This should not happen, can you please send a screenshot and details about your browser and wordpress to support@zemanta.com so we can investigate what is causing the problem.

      Thank you very much in advance for your help!

      Andraz Tori, Zemanta

      • http://www.LocalSearchMarketingBlog.com Curtis

        Thanks Andraz! I can’t wait to use it! It looks like a great tool. i will send a screenshot over to you asap.

        Thanks again!

  • Danilo Tic

    I like this service. Cool!

  • http://eu.techcrunch.com/2010/08/18/zemanta-partners-with-automatic-to-add-its-recommendation-engine-to-wordpress-com/ Zemanta partners with Automattic to add its recommendation engine to Wordpress.com

    […] content index. That used to consist purely of so-called ‘professional media’, but last December Zemanta opened up to include content from its community of users, thus creating a level playing field where anybody […]

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