VW to produce an electric version of the Up!

Soon nearly every manufacturer and brand will have an electric vehicle in its lineup. Well, soon might be relative, but at least VW is getting into the game with an EV version of the Up! hatchback that debuted at the L.A. Auto Show last week. Plus, the next-gen Beetle will be offered in the States with an optional clean diesel engine. The greenies at the Copenhagen Climate Summit are probably pleased with this news.

The EV Up! will be available in Euroland before America, but at least it’s coming unlike a lot of other electric cars found only across the Atlantic. Tougher safety regulations over here tend to keep away other manufacturers. But since the Up! has been developed to also house a diesel/electric hybrid powerplant, the already developed platform might as well have an all-electric option. The non-EV Up! lineup is set to be released for the 2011 model year with the EV option coming in 2014.