Review part deux: Gunnar Optiks

Just a quick post to provide a little more detail to David’s review of Gunnar Legends computer glasses, to provide a non-gamer point of view. I’ve been using the same model on and off for a couple of weeks, too. Unlike David, I hardly ever play games. Instead, I use the Gunnar glasses to look at laptop and desktop computer screens, which are usually three or four feet from my face. Instead of staring at moving images, I stare at mostly text all day. Also, I wear contact lenses because my vision is pretty bad.

The first thing I noticed when I started using the Gunnar lenses was how bright the computer screen looked. Text really stood out, and the yellow tinted lenses softened the (usually white) background of my screens, making it really easy and comfortable to read text. As a systems administrator, I spend most of my day reading text: looking at lists of users from a Windows Domain Controller, editing Apache configuration files, searching through log data, or writing automation scripts in vim on a remote server. I’ve never gotten headaches, but I did notice a marked improvement in how my eyes felt after wearing the Gunnars for a couple of days. Now, without them, I notice the strain on my eyes a lot more.

As I said above, I wear contact lenses. My eyes have a tendency to dry out pretty quickly when I’m staring at computer screens for several hours. I noticed after a couple of days with the Gunnars, though, that I could go longer with my contacts before they started drying out. I think it’d be interesting to use a pair of prescription Gunnar glasses, to see how that works for me, too.

Also of note is that these lenses do a great job brightening the screen even in low light. So I can sit comfortably in my office, with the door closed and the lights off to make my co-workers think I’m away from my desk, and work uninterrupted on things.

For those interested in the details of the diMAX material used in Gunnar, and how they compare to other corrective lenses, here’s the skinny, straight from Joe Croft, Gunnar co-founder and head of R&D:

It’s index is 1.51 which is close to crown glass and CR-39

It’s density is 1.0 which makes it the lightest out of all choices

Abbe Value is 53 which makes it one of the most optically correct
(based on color abberation) out of all the choices (outdone by only
Crown Glass and CR-39)

UVA/UVB is a 380nm cutoff. (100%)

Light Transmission/Reflected Light – 91% / 9% which puts it in the top
tier for clarity.

Impact resistance is equivalent or better than Polycarbonate in all of
ANSI Z.87.1 tests when compared with similar thickness lenses.

I agree with David’s review that the Gunnar glasses are a good idea for anyone who uses a computer for long periods of time. The Legends model we reviewed might not be the most professional looking things to wear at your day job, though, so take a look through the Gunnar catalog for something that will work for you.

Product Page: Gunnar Optiks MLG Legend Glasses