Prank Pack fake gift boxes double up on holiday cheer


Just a friendly reminder that these “Prank Pack” fake gift boxes exist for your amusement. Be careful, though, as you run the risk of disappointing the person who opens the gift. I mean, how would you feel if you thought you were getting travel coffee mugs with built-in walkie talkies only to open the box to find a pair of argyles or a dumb Red Robin gift card?

So maybe use these boxes on people you don’t like all that much but for whom you’re still obligated to buy presents. Aside from the Coffee Talkies, you’ve got the following:

  • Beer Beard: Sneak beverages into sporting events under a fake beard
  • Birdie Belt: GPS rangefinder, belt, and buckle with integrated tools and tee storage
  • Noggin’ Net: Hat that doubles as a fishing net
  • Motorized Rolling Pin: 1/16-horsepower motorized rolling pin
  • Wake & Bake Griddle: Combination alarm clock and breakfast griddle

Boxes cost $8 each or get three for $20. Available at Prank Pack’s website.

[via Gizmodo]